In his work with children in both educational and mental health settings, Walter Gibson found that being exceptionally bright is not perceived as a "gift" by many youngsters and their families. Some thirty years ago, Mr. Gibson concluded that gifted children have special needs and envisioned an educational environment designed to help them develop their potential. Gibson School, educating gifted children since 1972, is the product of his vision.

Gibson School is a non-graded, co-educational day school designed to meet the unique intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted children aged 5-13. Located in Redford, on the western border of Detroit, Gibson is committed to serving intellectually gifted children from every socioeconomic sector of metropolitan Detroit.

The mission of Gibson School is to provide supportive, enriched, and challenging educational opportunities for the gifted child. To this end, the school also offers parent education and support services as well as outreach programs for the community at large.

Gibson's individualized program features a low student-to-teacher ratio and course work in the traditional academic subjects: language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. In addition, students at all levels take classes in music, computer science, physical education, art, library science/research skills, and Spanish.

Gibson's graduates are intellectually curious, self-directed, confident learners who continue to strive to reach their potential long after they have left Gibson. Countless testimonials from alumni and parents attest to the success of Gibson's program.

Many of Gibson's graduates qualify for the Junior National Honor Society and enter high school taking advanced course work. Many Gibson graduates receive honors in high school and beyond, as well as scholarships to colleges and universities.

Teaching and learning at Gibson School are based on recognizing the importance of:
Developmental readiness
Experiential learning
The arts and creativity
Diverse teaching and learning styles
Problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and study skills
Responsible decision-making and respect for others

Gibson School believes that learning occurs best when a child is interested, is encouraged, and is personally drawn to exploration. Gibson's program offers opportunities to develop communication; problem-solving skills; and critical, creative and divergent thinking through experiential learning. Learning takes place both in the classroom and beyond the four walls of the school.

The Gibson program works to enhance the student's learning through a constant exchange of ideas among students, teachers, and parents. Gibson School offers a broad curriculum that encourages the depth of study gifted children need. Enrichment, depth, breadth, experience, and thematic learning are all integral to a Gibson School education.

Gibson School seeks to provide an atmosphere of fairness, consistency, and respect, a sense of humanity in which all the children can feel secure. Gibson's graduates celebrate their own uniqueness and possess the willingness and confidence to strive to their fullest potential.

Gibson School is committed to meeting the varied needs of gifted children and their families. In addition to providing a school-aged academic program, Gibson offers its Child Development Center program for all children between the ages of 21/2 and 5. This play-based, theme-centered early childhood program is open year-round from 7am to 6pm. Gibson also sponsors a yearly lecture and discussion series (GLAD) focused on topics of interest to parents and educators of gifted children, and an annual Girls' Conference (Girls Are Gifted, Too!), and summer camp for school-aged children. All of these programs are open to the general public.